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Install same number and same type of batteries when replacing batteries. Please refer to section 5: Trouble shooting. Tu recliques sur edition et puis sur copier et tu reviens sur le forum et dans ta réponse. Si des malwares ont été détectés, clique sur Afficher les résultats. Ce logiciel unique possde une fonction darrt automatique shutdown pour un systme multi - ordinateurs. Il est possible de mettre londuleur en service immdiatement mais lautonomie des batteries risque dtre infrieure la valeur nominale.

3 sept. -UPSurf Control=ici Faites l'expérience de LanSafe sans avoir à le télécharger en regardant la vidéo de présentation et. le logiciel de. Découvrez toutes les caractéristiques du Logiciel de contrôle INFOPOWER - harsaniq.info Télécharger le logiciel INFOPOWER pour votre onduleur. Télécharger .. LOGICIEL UPSURF-CONTROL. UPSurf-Control est un nouveau logiciel de contrle de londuleur, avec une interface pratique pour .

Les autres indications du panneau daffichage sont les mmes quen mode secteur. Les appareils connects sont aliments directement par le secteur via un filtre interne. Incidents de fonctionnement. Elle sinsre dans le Intelligent slot.

La disposition et la description des broches du connecteur DB-9 sur la carte AS, est indique ci-dessous:. Ce logiciel unique possde une fonction darrt automatique shutdown pour un systme multi - ordinateurs.

Lutilisateur peut aussi contrler plusieurs onduleurs sur un mme rseau. Si le CD-ROM du logiciel ntait pas fourni avec londuleur, merci de suivre les indications ci-dessous: Connectez-vous sur le site: Quand votre ordinateur redmarre, le logiciel UPSurf-Control apparat sous forme dicne verte situe ct de lhorloge.

Lallumage du voyant et le bip sonore sont tributaires dautres conditions. Maintenance, servicing and faults Computer Connection Battery Charge Turn On the UPS Test Function Turn Off the UPS Operation procedure of external battery for long backup time Model S Electrical specifications Operating Environment Typical stored energy time: Dimensions and weights General specifications Electrical Performance Unpacking and control Operating procedure for connecting the long backup time model UPS with the external battery Parallel operation Operation and maintenance Operational process of removing single UPS Combine machine warning Battery mode Bypass mode Fault mode RS Interface AS Interface Option Installation procedure Condensation may occur if the UPS system is moved directly from a cold to a warm environment.

The UPS system must be absolutely dry before being installed. Please allow an acclimatization time of at least two hours. Do not install the UPS system near water or in damp environments. Do not install the UPS system where it would be exposed to direct sunlight or near heat. Do not block up ventilation openings in the UPS systems housing. Ensure that no fluids or other foreign objects can enter the UPS system.

UPS can work at ambient temperature between 0C and 40C. In these conditions batteries life is between 3 to 5 years. If temperature is 30C, life is reduced by half.

Do not connect appliances or items of equipment which would overload the UPS system e. Do not connect to the UPS domestic appliances such as a hairdrier, an electric heater, a vacuum cleaner or a drill. Place cables in such a way that no one can step on or trip over them. Connect the UPS system only to an earthed shockproof outlet. Please refer to section 5: Connection and operation. The building wiring outlet must be easily accessible and close to the UPS system. The UPS can be used by any individuals with no previous experience.

When installing the equipment, make sure the sum of the leakage current of the UPS and the connected equipment does not exceed 3. Installation restrictions or additional measures may be needed to prevent disturbances.

An accessible disconnect device shall be incorporated in the building installation wiring and must be close to the UPS system.

This equipment is permanently powered and only qualified maintenance personnel may carry out the installation. Do not disconnect the UPS mains cable while operating: The UPS system features its own, internal current source batteries. The UPS output outlets or output terminals block may be electrically live even if the UPS system is not connected to the building wiring outlet.

In order to fully disconnect the UPS system first press the Standby switch and then disconnect the mains lead. The UPS system operates with hazardous voltages. Repairs have to be carried out only by qualified maintenance personnel. Even when the UPS is not connected to the mains, components inside the UPS system are still connected to the battery and are still electrically live and dangerous.

Only qualified technicians familiar with batteries and with the required precautionary measures may replace batteries and supervise the process. Unauthorised persons must be kept well away from the batteries. The battery circuit is not isolated from the input voltage. Hazardous voltages may occur between the battery terminals and the ground. Before touching, please check there is no voltage!

Batteries may cause electric shock and have a high short-circuit current. Please follow precautions specified here below when working with batteries: Install same number and same type of batteries when replacing batteries. Do not attempt to dispose of batteries by burning them. This could cause battery explosion. Do not open or destroy batteries.

Composant, matériel électrique industriel INFOSEC pour

Escaping electrolyte can cause injury to the skin and eyes. It may be toxic. Please replace the fuse only by the same type of fuse with the same amperage in order to avoid fire hazards.

Do not dismantle the UPS system. Therefore, all users should be familiar with them and understand their explanations. The double-converter principle eliminates all power disturbances from the mains. A rectifier converts the alternating current from the outlet to direct current. This direct current charges the batteries and powers the inverter. From this DC voltage the inverter generates a sinusoidal AC voltage which permanently supplies the loads.

Computers and devices are thus powered entirely by the same source of power. In the event of power failure, the maintenance-free batteries power the inverter.

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 take UPS Models into account. UPS Models are listed here below:. Function To turn on UPS system: To deactivate the audible alarm: When mains power is normal, the UPS system switches to Bypass and the inverter is off. The output outlets are supplied with voltage via the bypass if the mains power is available.

Press the OFF switch in order to turn off the alarm. These leds show the load of the UPS system if the mains power is available normal operation:. In the battery operation, the LEDs indicate the capacity of the batteries: When installing the electrical wiring, please note the nominal amperage of your incoming feeder.

Please inform immediately the carrier if you should find signs of damage. Please keep the packaging in a safe place for future use. Please make sure the incoming feeder is isolated and secured to prevent it from being switched back on again. If the UPS is connected via the power cord, please use a proper outlet with protection against electric power cuts and pay attention to the capacity of the outlet: Plug the load power cord to the output outlets to complete connection.

The wiring configuration is shown as the following procedure: Remove the small cover of the terminal block 2. Use AWG14 or 2. Connect cables to the terminal block and make sure to respect Line and Neutral positions. Put the rear panel protection cover back.

You may use the UPS system directly without charging batteries but the stored energy time may be shorter than the nominal value. The UPS starts a self-test. This can be configured by monitoring software. Press button for more than 1 second to turn off the UPS. At this time, the UPS outlets might be live. Then the UPS starts a self-test. Then the UPS will be turned off completely. If the alarm is too annoying in battery mode, you may press I button for more than 1 second to stop it.

When the battery is low, the alarm will be enabled to remind you to shutdown the load soon. Use the battery pack: Connection of lower or upper voltage batteries may cause damages. One end of the external battery cord has to be connected to the UPS and the other end has to be connected to the battery pack.

Do not connect the UPS to any load yet. On rear panel connect the plug of the external battery cord to the external battery outlet to complete the connection procedure and the UPS will start charging the battery pack do not connect first on UPS because of short-circuit risks.

Line and neutral conductors have been reversed at the input of UPS system. Inverter not switched on. Rotate mains power outlet by or connect UPS system. Check input power source and inform dealer if necessary. Press On-Switch I. UPS automatically switches to battery mode. The audible alarm beeps every second to indicate that battery is almost empty.

Remove loads of UPS output. FAULT led lights and an audible alarm beeps every second.

FAULT led lights up and the alarm is continuously beeping. Charge the batteries for at least 8 hours and then check capacity. If the problem still persists, consult your dealer. Please have the following information ready when calling the After-Sales Service Department: Model number, serial number.

Date of purchase and date on which the problem occurred. Detailed description of the problem. The UPS system contains no user-serviceable parts. If the battery service life 3 - 5 years at 25C ambient temperature has been exceeded, batteries have to be replaced.

In this case please contact the after-sales service. If the batteries are stored in temperate climatic zones, they should be charged every three months for 1 to 2 hours. In case of high temperatures, batteries should be charged once every two months. Typical values at 25C in minutes: Only units with CE markings comply with the following standards: Class B Radiated Emission: Class B Harmonic Current: EN Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker: Level 4 EN RS Level 4 EN lighting surge protection Level 4 EN Immunity to low frequency signals.

Unpack the packaging and check its contents.


The shipping package should contain: Check that your UPS has not been damaged during transportation. In case of damage or if some part is missing, do not turn on the unit and notify immediately to the carrier and to your dealer. The UPS must be installed in a location with good ventilation, far away from water, inflammable gas and corrosive agents. Make sure the air vents on the front and back of the UPS are not blocked. Allow at least 50 cm of space on each side.

Condensation to water drops may occur if the UPS is unpacked in a very low temperature environment. In this case before proceeding to installation and use and in order to avoid electric shock or short-circuit hazards it is necessary to wait until the UPS is fully dried inside out. Installation and wiring must be performed in accordance with the local electric code and the following instructions by a qualified technician.

For safety, please cut off the mains power switch before installation. The battery breaker also needs to be cut off if it is a long backup time model S model. Open the terminal block cover located on the rear panel of the UPS please refer to schema 2 - p. Do not use the wall receptacle as the input power source for the UPS, as its rated current is less than the UPSs maximum input current.

The receptacle may be burned and destroyed. Sensibility of the circuit breaker takes into account the UPS current leak about 15mA and connected computers. We recommend selective mA. Connect the input and output wires to dedicated input and output terminals according to the following diagram.

The wire diameter of protective earth wire should be at least as mentioned above. And green wire or green wire with yellow ribbon wire has to be used. After the installation completed, make sure the wiring is correct. If necessary please install the leak current protective breaker at the output power distribution panel of the UPS. To connect the load to the UPS, please turn off all connected devices first, then perform the connection and finally turn on the loads one by one.

Connected or not to the utility power, the output of the UPS may have electricity. The parts inside the unit may still have hazardous voltage after turning off the UPS. Before use it is recommended to charge batteries for 8 hours. After connection, turn the bypass breaker into ON position, the UPS will automatically charge the batteries. You can also immediately use the UPS without charging the batteries first but backup time may be shorter than the nominal value.

If you have to connect to the UPS an inductive load such as a monitor or a laser printer not advisable , please make sure that the UPS capacity is at least twice as much as the power of the connected equipment otherwise its start-up power consumption might be too high.

Important notes: Each battery pack consists of 20 pieces of 12V maintenance free batteries in series. To achieve longer backup time, it is possible to connect multi-battery packs and it is strongly recommended to use same type of batteries. The connector of the external battery cable is used to plug into the external battery outlet of the UPS; the other end of the external battery cable is made of three open wires to connect to the external battery pack s.

The installation procedure should be strictly followed to avoid hazards of electric shocks. The capacity of this breaker should not be lower than the data specified in the general specifications. The positive pole of the battery is connected to the E4 S in parallel with blue and brown wires; the negative pole of the battery is connected to the E4 S in parallel with black and white wires; the green and yellow ribbon wire is connected to the ground of the battery cabinet. To complete the connection plug the connector of the external battery cable into the external battery outlet at the back of the UPS.

Then switch the breaker of the battery pack to ON position. Then switch the bypass breaker to ON position. The UPS begins to charge the battery packs. The bigger the X is the higher the reliability of the power system will be. As long as the UPS is equipped with parallel cables, up to 3 UPS can be connected in parallel to realize output power sharing and power redundancy.

Users need to opt for a standard pin communication cable, which should have 25 cores, corresponding stitches and shield, as the UPS parallel cable.

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The length of the parallel should not be less than 3 m. Strictly follow the stand-alone wiring requirement to perform the input wiring of each UPS. Connect the output wires of each UPS to an output breaker panel.

Disconnect first the Jumper between JP1 and JP2 then connect each input breaker to a main input breaker and each output breaker to a main output breaker and then to the loads. To perform the general operation, please refer to instructions here below.

It is easy to operate the equipment with no previous training. You just need to read through this manual and carefully follow all instructions. For the meaning of the LED Indicators, please refer to the appendix 2: Display panel.

If the utility power is faulty, the UPS automatically switch to battery mode avoiding any interruption. For long backup time model S model , please make sure that the battery breaker is in ON position. Starting up process in battery mode is identical to starting up process in AC mode.

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Only is the BAT. Output terminals of UPS are still live. To turn off the output terminals, simply cut off the utility power supply.

Then all leds light off. There is now no more voltage available from the UPS output.


Please turn off the connected loads before turning on the UPS. Turn off all of the connected loads before turning off the UPS. This UPS system has parallel machine function. To add a UPS to a parallel system, please refer to Wire an additional UPS. To remove a UPS, please refer to Operational process of removing single UPS and follow operational processes of removing parallel machine. Before connecting an additional UPS, user should prepare input and output line, switch and combine line.

Input and output breakers on the Power Panel should be turned off. Connect the input and output wires to dedicated input and output terminals Chapter Turn off the input breakers on the rear panel of each UPS. In a parallel system, the connection between JP1 and JP2 has already been removed. On back of one of the existing UPS remove the metal plate from parallel port, connect the parallel cable to the connector and screw the metal plate back on. On back of the new UPS remove the metal plate from parallel port and connect the parallel cable to the dedicated connector.

Then screw the metal plate back on. The average voltage rate is 2V. Now is the system working in parallel. If there is any fault in step 8 and 9, please follow operational process of removing single UPS to maintain. Turn off the input breaker of the UPS to be removed, the battery breaker for S Model and turn off the input breaker on the Power Panel. Screw the metal plate back on.

Then turn off all UPS input breakers. Disconnect the UPS to be removed. Remove metal plates from parallel port and disconnect the parallel cable from the other UPS. Batteries used for standard models are value regulated sealed lead-acid maintenance free battery. These models require minimal repairs.

The only requirement is to regularly charge the UPS in order to maximize the expected life of the battery. When being connected to the utility power, whether the UPS is turned on or not, the UPS keeps on charging the batteries which are protected against overvoltages and serious discharging. When the UPS is not being used nor has been used for a long period of time, it is recommended to charge the battery of the UPS once every 4 to 6 months.

In tropical regions, the battery should be charged and discharged every 2 months. The standard charging time should be at least 12 hours. Under normal conditions, at room temperature 20C, battery life goes from 3 to 5 years. If the battery is flat, it has to be replaced and replacement should be performed by qualified personnel. Batteries have to be replaced with the same number and same type of batteries.

Do not replace the battery individually. All the batteries should be replaced at the same time following the instructions of the battery supplier. Batteries should be discharged once every 3 months. To do so switch the UPS to battery mode for 8 hours.

Released electrolyte is harmful to the skin and eyes. Make sure that there is no voltage before touching the batteries. The battery circuit is not isolated from the input potential circuit. There may be hazardous voltage between the battery terminals and the ground.

Therefore, before any maintenance and repairs work is carried out, switch off the breaker of the battery pack for S model or disconnect the jumper wire of connecting between the batteries. Keep unauthorized personnel away from batteries. Solution Make sure that the UPS is not overloaded, the air vents are not blocked and the ambient temperature is not too high.

Wait for 10 minutes for the UPS to cool down before turning on again. If failed, please contact the distributor or service center.

Turn off the UPS. Remove all the connected loads. Ensure that connected equipment and UPS have no internal faults before turning it on again. Please contact the distributor or service center. Overcharging protection. The voltage or frequency of the utility power is out of the input range of the UPS. The UPS is overloaded or the load equipment is faulty. The charger of the UPS is faulty.

Battery low or battery not connected.


By-pass breaker in OFF position. Battery not fully charged. The UPS is running in battery mode. Save your data and close the application program.

Make sure the utility power is within the input voltage or frequency range allowed by the UPS. Check connected loads and remove all no-critical equipment. Recalculate the load power and reduce the number of loads connected to the UPS.

Check that connected loads are not faulty. Check the battery. If the battery is faulty, replace the battery immediately and make sure that the battery breaker is in ON position. Set the by-pass breaker on ON position. Keep UPS connected to utility power for at least 10 hours to recharge the batteries again. Check the loads and remove the non-critical equipment. Replace the batteries. Please contact the distributor to obtain the parts and replacement service. Press the ON button for more than 1 second.

When you contact the service center, please provide the following informations: The date when the problem arose. Complete description of the problem, including the LED display, alarm warning, power condition and load capacity.

If your UPS is a long backup time model S version , you may also need to provide the service center with battery information. If the BAT. Please follow the following steps to connect the generator Activate the generator and wait until the operation is stable before supplying power of the generator to the UPS make sure the UPS is in idle mode. Then turn on the UPS according to the start-up procedure.


Fig Battery mode Note: If you press the ON function. Press the ON. Then all operations and programs should be quickly saved and connected loads disconnected one by one.

LOAD leds 6 to 2 will light on in accordance with connected loads. UPS bypass mode diagram 1. Connected equipments are directly mains-operated via an internal filter. Trouble shooting. Please contact your local distributor for details. The following is the pin assignment and description of DB-9 connector in AS card. This unique software provides safely auto shutdown for multi-computer systems. Go to the website: When your computer starts again, the UPSurf-Control software will appear as a green plug icon located in the system tray, near the clock.

Beep twice every sec. Alarm warning. Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep Continuously beep.

Ups Transféré par Ganiza Long. Droits d'auteur: Signaler comme contenu inapproprié. Titres liés. Passer à la page. Rechercher à l'intérieur du document. Type Hot Line: Lorsque londuleur fonctionne en mode batterie: Voyants Fonction Le voyant vert sclaire lorsque la tension du secteur est applique lentre de londuleur.

Assurez-vous que votre entre dalimentation est isole 5. Figure 1: Cause Possible Solution Vrifier que la tension est bien prsente sur la prise dalimentation murale et que le cble est correctement raccord. Pas de tension dalimentation. Londuleur na pas dmarr. Il y a une coupure de courant. Onduleur en dfaut. Lautonomie en mode batterie infrieure la valeur nominale. Chargeur batterie ou batteries dfectueuses. Modle et numro de srie Date dachat et date dapparition du problme Descriptif dtaill du problme Hot Line: Si londuleur est install ou bien utilis dans un endroit o laltitude est suprieure m, la puissance de sortie doit tre diminue lutilisation, rfrez-vous au tableau suivant: La sortie de londuleur est en court-circuit.

Batterie faible ou batterie non connecte. Mettre le disjoncteur dentre Input Breaker en position ON. Lautonomie en mode batterie est infrieure la valeur nominale. Londuleur ne dmarre pas aprs avoir appuy sur le bouton ON. Contrler la batterie ou la recharger.

Aprs Vente, se munir des Modle et numro de srie Date dachat et date dapparition du problme Descriptif dtaill: Figure Mode Secteur 2. Mode Batterie Hot Line: La disposition et la description des broches du connecteur DB-9 sur la carte AS, est indique ci-dessous: Interface pour protocole de communication AS Note: Créer un compte.


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